To whom it may concern:

Schools can open safely using existing technology. UVC Air Sanitation Lights for Occupied Areas can make classrooms safe. UV Lights Could Be Used To Fight Airborne Coronavirus. Scientists have known for decades that broad-spectrum UVC light is highly effective against airborne viruses like TB and Ebola, and now COVID-19. When ordered with a 120V cord they can be installed by anyone using a UV faceshield.

Several companies manufacture UVC lights. UVC lights sell for $875.00 retail or $700.00 wholesale. They have directional vanes that direct the light along the ceiling and away from occupants, as direct exposure to UVC light can be harmful. Mounted 7 to 8 feet high they create a killing zone above everyone's head that destroys viruses as they pass through it. A $395.00 UV Meter is used to adjust the light for safety.

Fans keep the air flowing. In classrooms with ceilings below 8 feet a ceiling fan directs air upward. The acoustical tiles above the fan are replaced with black egg crate vents. A UVC light across the room above the ceiling tiles has egg crate vents below it. For classrooms with ceilings 8 feet or higher, one UVC Light for Occupied Areas along with a pedestal fan will effectively control aerosol transmission of the virus.

The Defense Production Act should be invoked for production of UVC lights, a much easier task than the manufacture of ventilators. UVC lights cannot be manufactured fast enough. All UVC manufacturers combined cannot provide enough lights for the 3.7 million classrooms in the U.S. The Defense Production Act is the only solution. The cost will come way down, and students will return to school safely.


Jeffrey R. Wenger
President and CEO
Accredited Security, LLC
Electronic Weapons Company

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